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Balancing coding, sports, well-being. Not trying to kill people with AI. I love figure skating, lists, minimalism, curly hair, helping people.

Advice from a relatable beginner.

Young troubled woman staring at laptop screen at her desk.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you read this article you are probably on a reading marathon of “Should I start a blog” type of posts. I feel you.

I read a lot of articles from popular writers here on Medium. They share tips on how to start a blog, what to write about, how often etc. I found their content useful, do not get me wrong. But it can be slightly unrelatable when it comes from such successful people.

“Do not worry, at first I was a horrible writer too”, they say. …

What people are we actually protecting?

Boy staring at an hourglass.
Created by my talented friend.

Welcome to this post.

Most likely you stumbled upon this article by chance. My decision to start writing online is not by accident, though.

Do you know to whom I owe the courage to start this blog?

My 18 years old brother. He is such a lovely person. Bold, friendly, inspiring, smart, and amazingly confident. He has always been happy with his looks, his grades in school, his group of friends. He believes he can do whatever he puts his mind to. I remember he was once telling me about his dreams and I gently smiled. He got annoyed and said it did not matter I didn’t believe in him, he would succeed…

What I remember when I am feeling down.

Arm of man holding onto mountain peak.
Photo by Tobias Aeppli from Pexels

Everyone has their weak parts.
For me is that I lose my confidence too early when I deal with new challenges.

Since I am a programmer, I deal with tasks I have never solved before regularly. You would think I got used to them after multiple years, but I still end up feeling down when I see I am struggling with no success. It is frustrating. This is the area where I get most of my doubts from.

However, when I look back, I can hardly remember a time when I struggled and did not ultimately succeed.

Statistically, there is…

How I realised I am more biased than I thought

Six African children standing on a dessert.
Photo by Tucker Tangeman on Unsplash

Helping others should be the right answer. And yet we managed to take a good cause and turn it around. If you are a white person trying to help non-white people, you may be a white savior. It depends on your answers to these three main questions.

You may still be confused why the term “white savior” is bad.

To put it simply, the movements aimed at helping people from developing countries ultimately validate white privilege. They take these countries and place them in a position where they become a rescue mission for the “white saviour”.

At the same time…

I find it funny how some mundane thing such as parking the car got you thinking about some of these big and deep ideas. I also often get my inspiration in the most unexpected or "uninteresting" scenarios.

I agree with what you said here. I think this whole safe strategy comes from older generations who really had to put focus on safety.

It is never too late to follow your passions.

Figure skater drawing
Created by my talented friend

I remember falling in love with skating when I was a kid. I loved skating at the local ice rink during winter and watching it on TV. Becoming a figure skater was impossible though. There was no rink anywhere close. Even if there was, we could not afford it.

That was the issue then.

Now I have a little more money and I live in a city where there is a rink nearby. After I decided to take my first class, I started feeling weird. There is this unwritten rule that if you’re above 5 or 6 years old, you…

How I include mini-workouts in my everyday life.

Image by author

One or more workouts during the day? If you asked me this before the pandemic I would say “one, and give it your best”.

However, before the pandemic, all these things kept me active too: biking places, doing errands, running after a bus. Regardless of how much of like, there were still so many random reasons to get you moving!

Now I find myself eating a lot more food just because I spend more time inside, terribly close to the fridge. It does not make sense to me to keep my workout routine the same, since it does not help…

The sitting stand up: a lockdown invention which does not work.

Image source: pngtree

It is 2021, there is a global pandemic going on and home offices are the new normal thing. Stand up meetings aren’t what they used to be anymore. Because let’s be honest:

Do you even stand up during stand ups?

Exactly. You sit at your desk.

Like you do for the other X meetings on today’s agenda.

My teammates and I have a weekly one hour stand up to discuss progress and issues. Recently we introduced a change which made me look forward to Thursday mornings!

Walking stand up meetings

This is no…

What I did to get it.

Created by my talented friend

People love labeling everything. It is simple, fast, convenient. Hair is no exception. Straight, coily, ugly, thin, beautiful, frizzy…tell me when to stop.

Wait a second, did I say ugly?

Yes. I grew up watching hair commercials which taught me beautiful hair attributes: smooth, long, wavy (but not too wavy). Anything outside this range must be not beautiful, correct?

My hair was short and curly, way off the beauty charts. Being different is never the goal of a child. I wanted to fit in as much as possible, but my hair couldn’t care less…

Photo by heylagostechie on Unsplash

I am a programmer and a few years ago I knew nothing about the tech world. I was one of those people saying:

“This looks so hard, I could never do it!”

Now I know there is nothing I cannot do, but still the journey was difficult, and there is one thing that a lot of tech people do to make it seem even worse.

The What

For everyone that started on this path, I am pretty sure you were once intimidated by the tech language. …

Diana Epureanu

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